K & C Draincare offers High pressure water jetting, this removes stubborn and recurring drain and pipe blockages like fat and grease debris and also it can remove garden & toilet waste from drains and pipes both internal and external.

In the event K & C Draincare cannot shift your stubborn blockage then our CCTV survey will have to be used to identify the blockage or object within your drainage system. Our friendly team of K & C Draincare "trusted drainage consultant's" will clear it quickly and efficiently using the 'High Pressure Jetting' system.
this clears most blockages avoiding the need for expensive excavations or pipe replacements, The 'High Pressure Water' Jetting has little or no impact on the fabric of the drain and leaves it in perfect condition for trouble free use.

K & C Draincare will charge a fix quote so you know how much a job will cost from the start to finish.
High pressure water jetting for unblocking drains. image